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Booking your COVID-19 vaccine in our office

Next vaccine clinic: July 16

Note that we do need to follow provincial guidelines as to who can book.  Further we only have Moderna vaccine at this time - so we can only vaccinate 18 and older.

I you have received AstraZeneca 8 weeks prior, or Moderna or Pfizer 28 days prior, you can book.  That means on or before May 21 for AstraZenecia and June 18 for Moderna or Pfizer for this Friday July 16 clinic.  

We will have a standby list - but it is not active yet through on-line booking.  If you are on a standby list and will need to be available, if called, within one hour at our office.  (Once we open a vial of 14 doses - we need to use them all within 24 hours).

Guidance on how to safely drive someone who is not in your household to their vaccine appointment (or anywhere, really):

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