COVID-19 is a respiratory infection that is transmitted in droplets that we spread when we breath or cough.

VERY IMPORTANT: As of this writing there is no effective treatment for COVID-19, though more than 800 trials are underway worldwide.  DO NOT PURCHASE ANY ADVERTISED REMEDIES.  DO NOT USE DISINFECTANTS ON OR IN YOUR BODY IN AN ATTEMPT TO TREAT OR PREVENT COVID-19. 

Some treatments that have some benefit:

1) There is some evidence that Remdesivir can reduce duration of illness in those severely infected.  Remdesivir is an injected medication and is not available in pharmacies, and certainly not over the internet.  The entire world supply has been allocated already. 

2) Dexamethasone looks like it can improve outcomes for those with moderate disease or worse - that means in hospital and on oxygen.  More of an effect is seen if used in somebody in ICU on a ventilator.  It appears to worsen mortality in those who are not in this situation.  Dexamethasone works by suppressing the immune system.

As this virus is spread by breathing out droplets, we are recommending people keep 2 metres or 6 feet from each other as droplets do not spread beyond that distance.  This is actually quite a far distance.  As this might not always be possible (passing someone in an aisle at the grocery store, for instance), we recommend that everybody wear a mask when going out.  This mask is more to prevent you from transmitting virus to others, but if everyone is wearing a mask then transmission is reduced.  Note that this is a new recommendation this year from experience in other countries.  However, it is still not as effective as keeping the appropriate distance.  This is a new recommendation so be understanding if others are not wearing masks.

Treatment is really only supportive care - for example Tylenol for fever.  Most cases are mild and should be taken care of by staying at home (in fact you must self-isolate at home if you have symptoms of a cold - only leave to go to emergency).  You should seek medical help if you develop shortness of breath as breathing is important to life.  If you are having pressure in your chest that gets worse when you do effort - you should go to the emergency room.  Just because there is COVID-19 does not mean that people cannot get heart attacks!  If you are an essential worker or you live in a retirement home or long term care residence you must get tested promptly if you have any symptoms of a cold, but anybody with symptoms is being encouraged to get tested.  If you are uncertain if you have symtpoms of COVID-19 - please go to the self assessment tool found on the website. 

To get tested - call the following numbers for an appointment depending on where you live:

For trustworthy information on COVID-19, please go to the sites below:

The Oakville Health Centre

1060 Speers Road, Suite 117

Oakville, ON, L6L 2X4

Receptionist/booking: 905-845-8884

To reach the nurse: 905-845-8134

Phone lines are open from:

9:00 to 12:00, and 1:30 to 5:00,

Monday to Thursday

The office is closed Friday

After hours, or if you need more urgent assessment than can be obtained at our office, please go to our Walk-in-Clinic.