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Book on-line by clicking below

In persona and virtual appointments can be booked on-line by clicking below.
Note masks are required for all visits to the office.
Please note that periodic health exams, well baby checks for those less than 3 years of age, and visits for immunizations or injections only - these need to be booked by calling the office.

Note: can book no more than 60 days ahead.

Information added in step 5 goes in the chart, does not appear on the schedule - so don't put contact information there.

DO NOT EXPECT TO BE CALLED AT THE EXACT TIME OF THE APPOINTMENT.  Expect your call to be within 2 hours of the appointment time, and call will likely come from a "no caller id" - please ensure you can receive these calls.  Also - if you do not leave a number we will call the number we have on file for you.  If this number is out of service then we cannot reach you.
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